3 Facts You Need to Know About Typical Collection Agency Fees

With recent unprecedented times putting businesses around the world severely at risk, typical collection agency fees might not be the first thing a company should look at when they are struggling to keep their doors open for business.  But when looking at collecting payment of invoices from late payers, collection agency fees can actually be the difference between staying afloat and the slippery slide to insolvency before your company’s time.

So we thought we would put together some key facts to consider about typical collection agency fees. Hopefully this can assist you when choosing a debt collection agency and help you keep a positive cashflow in place:

“No Win – No Fee” doesn’t always mean No Win No Fee:
  • many collection agencies will advertise very low fees to collect your debt. However, this can often be a road to more expensive legal charges further down the line.  Often only 1 letter with little commitment to collect your debt is the course of action they will take.  It is always best to ask your collection agency exactly what the process is for collection. Then ask how they intend to proceed if the debtor doesn’t pay at No Win – No Fee stage.
The lower the commission doesn’t mean you will get the best service:
  • you pay for what you get!  Typical collection agency fees can be very low in order to attract enquiries. But the quality of the work may not match their marketing efforts.  Be wary of very low commission rates as they can often be too good to be true. You should always check out testimonial pages for proof they have a solid track record of collections in industry sectors similar to yours.
Recovery of costs & interest are not always included:
  • collection agencies should be doing their very best to recover extra costs involved in a debt. We would recommend that you have prioritised that when looking at typical collection agency fees.   Costs and interest are recoverable by UK law and you should make every effort to get you back to a No Cost situation. The debtor should be at least partially liable for covering your costs for debt recovery.

So we hope the above facts about collection agency fees are helpful as your business looks to recover and prosper from the pandemic sweeping the globe in 2020.

Typical collection agency fees

Our feeling is that once businesses can prioritise cashflow many can pull through this challenging period. The key is to ensure a business is 100% focused on collecting debts in a timely manner. Businesses can then grow into a stronger, more leaner company in the months and years to come.

We are always open for a no-obligation chat about your debt situation. Our debt collection experts can discuss any concerns you have about typical collection agency fees. Please don’t hesitate to call us today on 01332 565 350 or email enquiries@tauruscollections.com