Tracing Services

We can help you track down a debtor that doesn’t want to be found.

Should your debtor have changed address, either by deliberate means in trying to avoid paying you, or as an oversight on their part, our Tracing Services can help you locate the debtor. We offer a service which puts you back in touch with the person or business that owes you money. Our comprehensive Tracing Service utilises the expertise of field trace agents allowing us the best possible chances of a positive result.

Our charges are competitive and we achieve positive results 80% of the time. Should the trace return a positive result all tracing fees will be added to the debtors balance.

  • Help you find debtors that have disappeared
  • Useful for rental collections
  • Absconded, or gone away
  • Provides proof to enable legal action


Asset Reunification

As part of our Tracing service, we offer a comprehensive Asset Reunification service, particularly for solicitors to trace Heirs of estates.

We also help our clients trace and re-engage stakeholders to reunite them with forgotten or unclaimed assets.

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