How To Collect Debts For Small Business

How To Collect Debts For Small Business

If you are wondering how to collect debts for small business, try this simple 3-step procedure to help you collect debts quickly in your business.

Apply these quick techniques to see your company cashflow improve within weeks!

This 1 minute guide takes you through exactly how to collect debts for small business using the telephone, which is a necessary part of being in business!

You could say its the How To Collect Debts For Small Business Ultimate Guide!

Overseas Debt Collection

5 Simple Steps to Overseas Debt Collection

Working with clients who require overseas debt collection, we have managed to develop a successful strategy for dealing with late payers who are based in a foreign country.

Overseas debt collection is by no means easy, but you can utilise this 5 step-plan for helping you and your business collect any debts outside of the UK jurisdiction:

  • Exhaust all means in-house: if you are collecting debts overseas, you need to be sure you have pushed the debtor as far as possible in-house before looking at other options.  Chase by phone, email, and even letter (yes, you can send letters overseas!)
  • Add all costs & interest: just because they are based overseas doesn’t mean the debtor can’t abide by your Terms, or terms set in the UK, and so you should add late Payment Compensation and Interest on top of the debt.
  • Be firm, then follow-through: don’t just threaten debtor when looking at overseas debt collection, you need to have a credible threat so that means when you say you are going to pass the matter to a lawyer, or 3rd party debt collection agency, you must do that otherwise they will think you don’t stick to your word and that you are a push-over and will never pay you.
  • Engage the experts: the world of overseas debt collection is a complicated field, with different laws and local business rules for each country and region, so its best to hand the dealings over to an expert agency specialising in-country collections, or a lawyer in that country.
  • Work on No Win No Fee: never pay a company when outsourcing in relation to overseas debt collection. The professional agencies will always handle the matter on a success-only basis so you can pass the matter risk-free and without expense.  Costs can always be added on top.

Overseas debt collection

So, now you have a 5-step plan if you are ever faced with the need for overseas debt collection in your company.

The no.1 rule is to act fast, because the longer a debt is uncollected the more difficult it is to collect

It is our passion that you are paid and our clients are very happy with our services.  If you are struggling to collect debt in a foreign country and want to speak to us for a chat to see if we can help you out, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01332 565 350 or email

The Biggest Debt Collection Agencies

Clear And Unbiased Facts About The Biggest Debt collection Agencies Without All The Hype

In your business, all you want is success.  You want to keep growing, and receive services that are of a high standard, just as you would provide to your customers.  So when it comes to debt collection, you might want to compare some of the biggest debt collection agencies and see how they rate.

But they are not all the same.  In fact the biggest debt collection agencies aren’t always the best ones to use for your business.  We always find that a tailored service with a passion and knowledge about your industry is the best way to achieve results for you and your business.

Here’s some pointers about the biggest debt collection agencies:

  • Size – does it matter? The biggest debt collection agencies deal with customers on a corporate level and will prioritise debt by size. Think about this as an SME as you may want to be handled with care and attention like a real person, as oppose to another number.
  • Passion – many smaller agencies are passionate about their work, as they form a real long-term relationship with the customer. The biggest debt collection agencies are often manned by hourly-paid workers with little passion for work and often change jobs very quickly so there is no continuity of service
  • Personalisation – a debt that is owed to you is a very personal thing. No-one likes it, and it feels like an insult.  The biggest debt collection agencies may not understand this and can treat you without the personal connection.
  • Fees – some of the biggest debt collection agencies can lure you in with very low no win no fee arrangements, only to realise that their real aim is to bring the matter to court so that more fees can be gained, without actually much attention to collecting the debt. Often they will send 1 letter, and request it goes to court.  This will rarely get you a successful result!

So there you have it, a few points to consider if you are looking at the biggest debt collection agencies.

If you need help collecting debts, we are a small family-run business with a big passion for helping our clients and always collecting their debt with the clients best will at heart.  Call us on 01332 565 350 or email for more information.

European Credit Check

Now You Can Have Your European Credit Check Done Safely

When you start your business, perhaps a European credit check is not the first thing that comes to mind.   But when you are trading overseas, and in this case in Europe, you need peace of mind when it comes to knowing that the company you are supplying goods to is an actual physical entity on the ground.


Are they trading healthily?  How long have they been in business?  Who are their partners?  Are the Directors trusted people?   Is there a physical office or warehouse where they say there is?


All these questions can be answered by a European Credit Check.  These reports are extremely important to protect you against bad debt and should always be undertaken when trading in Europe.


No-one knows what Brexit will hold, but if you are currently trading in Europe or are planning how you should go about it, you must seriously consider the need for a European Credit Check as part of your business processes.


If you would like to discuss how we can help provide very detailed European Credit Checks to help your business, or if you would like a FREE sample to see the information included, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01332 565350 or email

International Credit Reports

10 Questions Answered About International Credit Reports

Are the reports global?

Yes, we provide business and credit information on companies anywhere in the world, currently covering 214 countries.


Is it cheap?

Prices starting from as little as £18 per report for an online report, and £33 for a fully comprehensive international credit report


Are they complicated to understand?

No, they are presented in an extremely easy to read format, clearly laid out.


How fast can I get a report?

Turnaround time can often be as quick as a few days, more specifically 4 days for an express report, 6 days for a normal report.


How detailed are the reports?

Very.  We research legal information including ownership, public records and insolvency checks. Information on business operations, financial figures, technical information and industry analysis to give you a complete picture.


What exactly is in the comprehensive reports?

Typically a report would contain:

Incorporation Details, Registered /Business address, Line of Business / Activity, History of Business, Details of Director(s) /Principal Officer(s), Number of Employees, Banking details, Structure/Share Holding / Full Description of Business Operation /Locations / Trading Terms / References / Litigation Search / Financials that generally contain Abridged Balance Sheet and P/L Account /Scientifically evaluated Credit Rating / Limit / Country outlook etc.


How many years’ experience do you have?

With our partners, we have been helping companies trade across the globe for more than 20 years.


Are you members of any international bodies?

Together with our partners, we are represented in all leading industry associations globally that helps us to remain updated of the changing global scenario.


Who do you normally provide international credit reports for?

Clients include major Banks, Credit Insurers, Embassies and Consulates, Accounting & Legal Firms and a wide range of Multinational companies.


Can I just order online?

Yes, we provide you access to our database and you can enjoy the convenience of ordering online.  For more detailed reports though, we undertake a fresh investigation so these are built from the ground up.


Can I see a sample report before I buy?

Yes, contact us and request a FREE sample report to try before you buy

Outsource Debt Collection

Outsource Debt Collection Secrets: How To Get Better Cashflow in Your Business Using These 5 Techniques

Many companies look to outsource debt collection as part of their credit control procedures.  Its part of business survival to improve collection rates, and it should not be a difficult process to outsource debt collection.

We have put together a combination of tips to improve the ease of which you and your business can outsource debt collection, and improve the rates of collection when you find the need to go down this route if you are struggling to get your customers to pay up on time.

Outsource Debt Collection

What you need to have in place to get better cashflow:

  1. Correct details on the invoice – make sure there are no disputes concerning the invoice before you pass anything over to a debt collection agency. Disputes are the no.1 reason for non-payment.
  2. Correct contact details – do you have a telephone number, email and correct trading address? Double check all this info before you look to outsource debt collection.
  3. Negotiate before getting heavy – talk to your customers as much as possible, if it’s a problem with cashflow then try and work with them to come to a repayment arrangement, maybe they can pay an amount every month for a few months. Working with your customers can pay dividends later when the going gets good and they appreciate your leniency in difficult times.
  4. Keep on top of your top 20% of customers – it’s the 80/20 rule, your top 20% of customers usually account for 80% of your turnover and you should focus on these as priority collections for the health of your business cashflow.
  5. Don’t delay if they stop responding – be fast to act when your customers stop talking to you because the longer you leave it the more difficult it is to collect (i.e they could change address/ transfer assets/ liquidate).

So these are just a few techniques you can look at before you think about how you might outsource debt collection.

The most basic principle is that cashflow is king and without a healthy position, your business can only prosper by getting paid on time.

It is our passion that you are paid and our clients are very happy with our services.  If you are struggling to collect debt and want to outsource debt collection please don’t hestate to give us a call on 01332 565 350 or email

How To Get Invoices Paid

How To Get Invoices Paid – a simple formula to help you collect debts quickly in your business. Apply these 3 techniques to see your company cashflow improve within weeks!

I need a collection agency for my business

I Need a Collection Agency for My Business

When we hear a company owner saying I need a collection agency for my business, we know that they need a reliable company to service their debt collection needs.  Many problems can be resolved with the intervention of a 3rd party debt collector as customers will often try and delay payment as long as possible, without thought to your cashflow.

Here are some top reasons company owners contact us when they say I need a collection agency for my business:

  • The customer has stopped responding to letters and emails
  • The phone goes dead, or is constantly engaged when I try and call to ask them to pay
  • The Accounts person responsible for making payments is always in meetings
  • The Director that signs the cheques is never in the office
  • Customers regularly pay 30, 60, 90 days beyond agreed terms – my cashflow is running dry!

If any of the scenarios above are familiar to you, and you find yourself wondering if I need a collection agency for my business, then you should take action immediately and not leave it too late.

Some customers may even be delaying payment and can result in Insolvency action then a positive outcome is much further away.

If late payment is an issue in your business, call us today on 0800 069 8777 to see how we can help, or email

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