No Win No Fee Debt Collection & Recovery

No win no fee debt recovery – Taurus Collections can help you to collect what is owed to you, and recover costs & interest too.

Taurus Collections – No Win No Fee Debt Recovery Collection Agency; across the UK, helping businesses with commercial debt recovery. Let us help reduce the amount of your debtors, and to improve cash-flow. Our friendly and professional debt collectors can help you with no cure no pay debt collection in England, UK, and internationally today.

Our Debt Collection Agency team have over 15 years of commercial debt collectors, regional, no win no fee experience at debt recovery successes.  Our years of experience allow us to tailor our service to meet your specific needs, a personal debt collection agency. Taurus Collections can help to you time and money. Get in touch today to learn how we can assist you with no win no fee debt collection.

  • A No Win No Fee Debt Recovery Service operating UK-wide
  • Success-based collections
  • Credit check is included at no charge
  • Recovery of Costs and of Interest

Our no win no fee personal debt recovery service means that you pay only debt collection fees by a % commission on whatever balance is collected. By offering success-based collections, there is no risk involved in your business debt collection. Our customers have found that this can be a useful pre-court tool, it works by encouraging debtors to pay up before reaching court action.

When we’ve established that your debtor is able to pay up, through carrying out a credit check, with letters, emails and calls, this usually then prompts payment. No fee debt collection can help your business to grow and thrive.

The no Cure No Pay Debt Collection method is a competitive alternative to using a Solicitor, who charges you for their services per hour, and usually asks for payment upfront. Our experienced team have the knowledge needed to reduce your debt, improving your cashflow!

No Win No fee Debt collection explained!

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No cure no pay debt collection in England, UK
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No win No fee debt collection

No Win No Fee is a term thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? A No Win No Fee agreement or conditional agreement is created between you and your debt collector. It means that should the collector not be able to track down the debtor, you do not have to pay a contingency fee for their service.

A contingency fee is a sum of money, or the percentage that your collector receives as a fee if the case is won and the debt collected. No Win No Fee agreements allow you to track down your debtor with no upfront costs.

You could effectively call this arrangement No Fee debt collection because there is nothing to pay at all.  No fee debt collection is justified because only at the end of the work will we charge you a % commission on what is collected.

Is your no win no fee debt collector offer too good to be true?

If your no win no fee debt collectors offer you a no win no fee service should you take it? We consider the top 3 considerations in choosing a reputable agency to help you recover debts.

1. Testimonials and referrals – A good agency will have lots of satisfied customers. This should shine though on review sites such as Trust Pilot – check ours out here.

2. Transparency of costs – On the basis that your debts are recovered, there will be some debt collection fees to pay for the service the debt collector has provided. Your collector should be able to provide you with all the detail of the costs up front. So you know what you are committing to and there are no hidden charges.

3. Do your research – Don’t just follow an advert or go with the first person who contacts you. Check out their business, their website and accreditations. Do they operate Nationally, or internationally? Do they have local offices that can more easily service your requirements? Due your due diligence on them, as they will be representing your brand and business when they start collection of debts on your behalf.

All of these will give you good reason to trust that a debt collectors no win no fee service is a good option for your business.

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Should you trust your Debt Collector?

By definition, a debt collector or debt collecting agency is an individual or group of people who track down and recover money owed on delinquent accounts. It can be for any sum of money and when the debt is recovered, the collector/s will typically take a percentage of the money as payment.

Collecting debt can be a tricky job, especially when the individual is purposefully avoiding paying debt back. Either by changing contact information, location, identities etc. Tracking down these individuals can be a lengthy and costly process and some companies find it cheaper and more efficient to hire a debt collector. The collector has the tools and resources needed to track down a debtor.

So how do you know you can trust your debt collectors?

Things all good debt collectors should have

As with many financial difficulties, at Taurus, we understand the added pressure and stress that comes with chasing unpaid debt. We can operate as your personal debt collection agency, and we know there are some key attributes that any decent debt collector or debt collecting agency should offer.

1. Empathy. Understanding the uniqueness of each situation and the emotional weight shows a human aspect that is integral to knowing and trusting that your case is in the right hands. Not only for the client. For the debtor it can be an incredibly difficult situation. There may be other factors affecting the debtors ability to pay on time. Taking a level and empathetic approach is more successful in retrieving debts.

2. Much of the communication between the collector and the debtor take place over the phone. Remaining calm, clear and understanding goes a long way. An agency or agent that can offer multiple language services allows the debtor to be approached in their native language, so all confusion is avoided.

3. Debt collecting can be all consuming. Find an agent who can contact you at appropriate times of the day through a variety of methods if needs be. Many will have technological solutions to help speed up the process of collecting debt.

4. Keeping a close eye on each customer is crucial. Debt collectors will often be contacting several different debtors at once. Being systematic, planning and keeping a record of every example of correspondence with customers is also vital.

5. Finally, good negotiation skills, creative thinking and good problem-solving abilities are all key. These elements are important to look out for in any good debt collector or personal debt collecting agency.

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Call us today to know about our no cure no pay debt collection servicesand to see how we can help you at 0800 069 8777 or email Alternatively, we can call you back with more information; just fill in our enquiry form and one of our team will be in in touch.

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