International no cure no pay debt collection

Are you looking for a no cure no pay debt collection service? We are a debt collection agency specialising in securing your outstanding debts utilising fair debt collection practices. Whilst being UK based, we help clients all over the world. From Dubai in the UAE to The Netherlands and Germany, north to Sweden, south to Spain and across to Turkey – and most in between.

Let us help reduce the amount of your debtors, and to improve cash-flow. Our friendly and professional debt collectors can help you with no cure no pay debt collection across Europe and internationally today.

International no cure no pay debt collection for UAE, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey

What is No Cure No Pay debt collection?

Our no cure no pay business debt recovery service means that you pay only debt collection fees as a % commission on whatever balance is collected. By offering success-based collections, there is no risk involved in your business debt collection. Our European and International clients have found that this can be a useful pre-court tool, it works by encouraging debtors to pay up before reaching court action.

So only when we secure the payment of your debt, do you pay a fee. Therefore this is risk free for you.

Out International team have over 15 years of commercial debt collection International, no cure no pay experience and debt recovery successes.  Our years of experience allow us to tailor our service to meet your specific needs, so you can claim your debt back quickly.

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Taurus Collections can help to save you time and money.

Get in touch today to learn how we can assist you with no cure no pay debt collection.

  • A No Cure No Pay Debt Recovery Service operating across Europe and the United Arab Emirates
  • Success-based collections
  • Recovery of Costs and of Interest included

Potential outcomes of no cure no pay debt collection

1) Full settlement – This is where the full debt is paid, and we are also able to secure interest plus costs, so that you receive the full amount of your debt.

2) Debt repaid partial settlement – if we are able to secure payment of the debt, but unable to get the debtor pay the costs, then you’ll still have to pay our commission. In this case, you are likely to receive 85%+ of the debt.

3) No settlement – if they still refuse to pay, you pay nothing. At this point there are other options available to you, such as the full legal route. We can discuss the way forward if we get to this stage, and always do our best to keep costs to a minimum. We work closely with a panel of lawyers around the world to get the best outcome for you.

International clients we have helped

We have worked with clients in across Europe and the middle-east as well as the UK. We have clients in Dubai, Rotterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan and Istanbul.

With our software, use of ai debt collection and years of experience, we are able to achieve collection of your debt wherever it may be. International boundaries do not limit us.

How does International no cure no pay debt collection work?

The process is:

1. You give us the details of your outstanding debt – in any country

2. We perform credit checks on the debtor

3. Establish they are able to pay the debt

4. We contact them, using various platforms and routes

5. We collect the debt on your behalf

6. With the money going straight into your account

7. We then look to recover the costs and potential interest on the debt

When we’ve established that your debtor is able to pay up, through carrying out a credit check, with letters, emails and calls, this usually then prompts payment. No fee debt collection can help your business to grow and thrive.

This method is a competitive alternative to using a Solicitor, who charge you for their services per hour, and usually ask for payment upfront. Our experienced team have the knowledge needed to reduce your debt, improving your cashflow!

Call today to see how we’ll be able to help you +44800 069 8777, or email Alternatively, we can call you back with more information; just fill in our enquiry form and one of our team will be in in touch.


No cure no pay debt collection in England, UK

No Cure No Pay International debt collection agency

No Cure No Pay is a term thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? A No Win No Fee (as it is also referred to) agreement or conditional agreement is created between you and your debt collector. It means that should the collector not be able to track down the debtor, you do not have to pay a contingency fee for their service.

A contingency fee is a sum of money, or the percentage that your collector receives as a fee if the case is won and the debt collected. No Cure No Pay agreements allow you to track down your debtor with no upfront costs.

You effectively call this arrangement No Fee debt collection because there is nothing to pay at all.  No fee debt collection is justified because only at the end of the work will we charge you a % commission on what is collected.

We are an International Debt Collection Agency – with 15+ years of experience