No Collection No Fee Debt collection – a cost-effective solution for your business?

Our clients find our No Collection No Fee service a key part of their credit control procedures as they look to maximise the cash collected from bad debts, whilst also saving time, resources and energy of their business by oursourcing the collections to a 3rd party.

No Collection No Fee provides this solution, with a simple fee structure of between 3-10% on most recent debts, the idea that we will commit ourselves to recovering 90% of a debt, usually within 4-21 days, is a very effective one for a small business owner.

Below are 3 reasons business-owners contact us to help them out on a No Collection No Fee basis:

Time – chasing the debts for months and getting nowhere, the debtor has stopped answering their phone, and they are not replying to emails. How much more time will you spend chasing until giving up?

Money – continually chasing bad debts through use of a business’s resources (a credit controllers time) or through cashflow (suppliers are demanding payment for their invoices)

Hassle – the debtor is making excuses for non-payment and delaying matters every week as they continue to promise payment but nothing arrives. Our actions can focus the mind of a debtor and ensure payment is fast, and in full.

So above are a few reasons why our clients choose a No Collection No fee solution by a 3rd party. In addition to the above, we can provide credit reports which are crucial to prevent repeating late-payments, or make a sales-judgement on any new customers that you want to check out before doing business. In this sense prevention is the best cure, and we always promote healthier cashflow ideas with all our clients.

If you do want any help collecting debts on a No Collection No Fee basis, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0843 309 1633 or for a no obligation chat about how we can assist you.

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