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At Taurus Collections, we partner with a range of professional UK-Based Insolvency Services. Helping any business with a serious debt problem, ensuring we find the best way forward for everyone involved.

We can help you discuss the best options for you and for your business, when faced with a difficult period.  We work with expert Insolvency Services.

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Commencing a Claim


  • The costs of commencing a claim are fixed and comparatively low compared to the amount of the debt;
  • Most of the costs incurred are capable of being recovered from the debtor;
  • Once Judgment has been obtained there are a range of enforcement options:
  • Many debtors do not want a county court judgment (CCJ) against them and will often pay;
  • Where a debtor is delaying and refusing to pay, issuing a claim ensures that the debtor is subject to the Court’s compulsory timetable.


  • You need to obtain a Judgment before you can undertake any enforcement action against the debtor;
  • A debtor may not be deterred by the threat of a CCJ;
  • If the debtor has no money or ability to pay the debt then a Judgment is unlikely to be enforced and may not be worth “the paper it’s printed on”.


Commencing Insolvency Proceedings


  • It is likely to concentrate the debtor’s mind immediately of the threat of winding up their business or making them bankrupt. The consequences of becoming insolvent are far reaching and last for a number of years;
  • A debtor who wishes to remain in business will often find the money which previously was not available to them (or claimed to be available to them);
  • The public advertisement of a Petition can be a powerful deterrent to further delay.


  • They may only be used when there is no dispute;
  • More expensive than issuing a claim;
  • There is a two stage procedure for bankruptcy because a statutory demand is always needed. The costs of the statutory demand are not always recoverable if the debtor then pays;
  • The debtor’s ability to pay will be affected once a petition is presented. The publishing of a petition is likely to affect a debtor’s credit rating and result in their bank accounts and credit accounts being frozen;
  • You do not have complete control of insolvency proceedings once a petition has been presented.

Cashflow assistance, we specialise in Insolvency Services

We help to provide Insolvency Services supporting clients across the country. Taurus Collections services enable you to become a more cash efficient business and to maintain a stable set of accounts. We know that ineffective cash flow may cause huge pressure on your business resources.

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Specialist Insolvency Service Chester

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