I Need a Collection Agency for My Business

When we hear a company owner saying I need a collection agency for my business, we know that they need a reliable company to service their debt collection needs.  Many problems can be resolved with the intervention of a 3rd party debt collector as customers will often try and delay payment as long as possible, without thought to your cashflow.

Here are some top reasons company owners contact us when they say I need a collection agency for my business:

  • The customer has stopped responding to letters and emails
  • The phone goes dead, or is constantly engaged when I try and call to ask them to pay
  • The Accounts person responsible for making payments is always in meetings
  • The Director that signs the cheques is never in the office
  • Customers regularly pay 30, 60, 90 days beyond agreed terms – my cashflow is running dry!

If any of the scenarios above are familiar to you, and you find yourself wondering if I need a collection agency for my business, then you should take action immediately and not leave it too late.

Some customers may even be delaying payment and can result in Insolvency action then a positive outcome is much further away.

If late payment is an issue in your business, call us today on 0800 069 8777 to see how we can help, or email enquiries@tauruscollection.com