How Collection Agencies Trace a Debtor?

Delayed payments or bad debts can hinder the financial health of any company. You may have insufficient time or information to adequately recover the unpaid invoices. Moreover, the older the obligations get, the harder it is to collect the payment. However, hiring a reputed debt collection agency will significantly help you as they will use multiple methods to locate your debtors and help you effectively gather your amounts.

Here are a few primary resources that a debt collection agency uses to find people:

Information on your credit application

One of the easiest ways a debt collection company can locate your debtors is by referring to the information on the credit application. Moreover, in case your debtors have moved into a new place, your debt collector can contact someone listed on the application to know the whereabouts of your debtors. 

Phone books

Whether printed or online, phone directories are an excellent source to find names, addresses, and other contact information. So, your debt collection agency can find out the debtor’s contact details using a reverse directory. 

State motor vehicle department

Your debt collection agency can use a motor vehicle department database to track and verify your debtor’s address. This helps them smoothly carry out their debt collection process.

Voter registration records

While this process is a little complex, a debt collection agency will be able to find your debtors through an electric or phone company. This is especially true if your debtor lives in the same service area. However, even if they have moved farther, the utility companies will still have your debtor’s new address for their reference that your debt collecting agency uses to trace your debtors


Banks are known to have your residency details even if you move, but leave your old bank account open. So, even if you don’t carry out your business operations with the bank, they will still have your new address that they can provide to the debt collection agency. 

Credit bureaus 

If your chosen debt collector is associated with a professional debt collection agency, they are most likely to have access to a lot of information, including your debtor’s address, contact details, and credit history. 

Data aggregators

Data aggregators are known to collect and trade information about millions of individuals from public records, surveys, demographic data, and purchase data. These days, most of this information is available online, which may make you opt-out of these online lists. 

Internet searches

Online platforms like social media can help you find anyone from aircraft owners to high school classmates. Moreover, even other institutions like Churches, clubs, and PTAs post their newsletter online, making your affiliations appear in an Internet search that can help the collection agency locate you. 

Skip tracers

The debt collection agency can use skip tracers to locate your debtors using traditional and top-notch technologies like telephone books and email address finders. Other sources can include—

  • Telephone company call records
  • Social security number searches
  • Domain name lookups
  • Business and corporate records
  • eBay seller searches
  • Apartment locators
  • Hotel/ motel locators
  • Public records
  • Professional license lookups
  • Prison inmate lookups

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