Credit Checking

Make sure you know who you are doing business with.

Our comprehensive debt recovery solution can provide your business with the extra protection it needs when considering new accounts, or simply monitoring current ones. Credit checking should be an integral part of credit control procedures – if not you can effectively be providing clients with interest free business loans, which is the bank’s job, not yours. When companies think they can use your credit facilities for free, they will.

In today’s fragile economic climate, businesses have to protect against risky exposure and our credit checking facility enables a company to be as sure as it can that the business they are considering providing credit terms has the ability to pay. This is why all our reports provide key financial information, such as credit limits, credit ratings, risk scores, failure odds, CCJs and legal notices to allow you as a business to make a considered decision before discussing terms. This early assessment, separate from our collection agency rates, can offer piece of mind, and enable you to keep closer monitoring of risky clients with poor credit ratings.

Our credit check reports also advise on company directors, informing you if they have been involved with other failed companies or have been disqualified.

  • Risk assesment of new, untried customers
  • Credit ratings & risk scores
  • CCJ history
  • Gives you piece of mind
  • Helps prevent bad debt
  • Simple layout with key information

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