UK & International Credit Checking

Make sure you know who you are doing business with, both in the UK and Internationally with International Credit Checking.

Before going into business with someone, you naturally would like to know as much as possible in advance, to help in your decision-making process. What are the risks and opportunities of entering into business with them. Our comprehensive debt recovery solution can provide your business with the extra protection it needs when considering new accounts, or simply monitoring current ones. Credit checking should be an integral part of credit control procedures – if not you can effectively be providing clients with interest free business loans, which is the bank’s job, not yours. When companies think they can use your credit facilities for free, they will.

We now specialise in International Credit Checking Reports at a meagre cost due to our partnership with significant Credit Insurers worldwide. An unparalleled network across 214 countries, the best knowledge management systems in use allow us to collate quick, accurate and reliable information from a myriad of sources and compile most comprehensive company credit reports and customised business information reports.

Our reports have become a standard while evaluating risk in B2B transactions, both overseas and at home in the UK. Be as informed as possible before entering into a new business relationship overseas. In the age of Covid-19, when it’s not always possible to travel with ease to investigate a company yourself, let Taurus Collections take the hassle out of international credit checking – our international partners will do the leg work for you, with their years of expertise, you’re in good hands.

International credit checking carried out by Taurus Collections and our overseas partners, provides you with all required data from relevant countries about the specific company or organisation that we are vetting. We build a thorough picture of  a company with international credit checking. We highlight any outstanding debts, the established payment history of the business, any reputation of paying on time and we also research credit used.

International Credit Checking

An international credit check carried out by Taurus Collections and our overseas partners, will provide you with data from relevant countries about a specific company or organisation. Building a picture of  a company with international credit checking is likely to shine a light on any outstanding debts, their established payment history, any reputation of timely payments and credit used. You can analyse their past trends and pattern of finance to help you to decide whether or not they are a good fit as a business engagement going forward. Or perhaps use the international credit checking as a basis for comparison with industry peers to aid in the decision-making process. Taurus Collections can take the headache out of these complex international credit checks.

Your international credit report could contain most or all of the following types of information, which will provide a clear picture of a business’ creditworthiness and build trust and set your mind at ease before you start doing business.

Typically a Credit Report contains:

  • Incorporation Details
  • Registered /Business address
  • Line of Business / Activity
  • History of Business
  • Details of Director(s) /Principal Officer(s)
  • Number of Employees
  • Banking details
  • Structure/Share Holding
  • Full Description of Business Operation
  • Locations
  • Trading Terms
  • References
  • Litigation Search
  • Financials that generally contain Abridged Balance Sheet and P/L Account
  • Scientifically evaluated Credit Rating / Limit
  • Country outlook etc.
International credit checking in England, UK

Carry out international credit checks on your customers 

Remember to carry out credit checks on new customers and action regular checks on all your existing debtors too. This will allow you to know if any of your customers are struggling financially and to manage your funds and business relationship accordingly.