Many of our clients tell us before they use our help for collection of UK debts, that they feel their business is not in their control. Often held ransom to the bigger customers who delay payments 60, 90 and even 120 days beyond invoice date. For smaller businesses this is a constant problem, and collection of UK debts is an inherent problem for the UK SME market.

Our clients also worry about customers they have dealt with of an unstable nature that these companies may go bust and thus miss out on payment before administrators move-in. Our help with collection of UK debts ensures they are at the top of the queue, minimising the risk of losing out when a company looks like closing the doors on the business.

Here are 3 tips for collection of UK debts to ensure you are in control of getting paid on time:

1) Procedures – ensure you have a policy to chase payments regularly, every 7 days (at least) and always send monthly statements

2) Speed – as soon as you are not getting responses, contact a 3rd party agency to exert extra pressure, and recover your Costs and Interest. No Win No Fee is a risk-free proposition as you only pay on success.

3) Legal – if all avenues pre-legally are exhausted, and no disputes rose, it is important to move to Court Action quickly to secure your debt and then enforcement action can be undertaken.

In a touch economic climate, collection of UK debts is a primary concern for many business owners, of all sizes, and it is a recurring theme. But it is a curable problem – with fast, professional action collection of UK debts need not be the long-lasting worry to UK business-owners.

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