For Debts More Than £1000

Our collection agency rates are a very simple sliding scale, operating a No Collection – No Fee debt recovery policy which effectively guarantees payment of your money, whilst aiming to recover all associated costs such as Late Payment Charges and Statutory Interest.

NB. Age of debt, volume referrals and whether a dispute exists on the account can affect rates.

Debts become more difficult to chase when they are older and our aim is to negotiate settlement by gradual and deliberate means. Our focus is on engaging with the debtor and aiding their cash-flow, as well as yours.

We genuinely aim for the best outcome for both parties to increase the chance of a positive result, that can be feasibly achieved, as quickly as possible.

Please find below a table of our Collection Agency Rates based on No Collection – No Fee:

Invoice Value

  • £1 to £500
  • £501 to £5000
  • £5,001 to £12,500
  • £12,501 +

Our Fee

  • minimum £50
  • 12%
  • 10%
  • 8%

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