Contested Debts and Disputes

We deal with contested debt recovery claims however in view of the level of work involved we are usually unable to deal with these claims on a fixed fee basis where the debt due is below £1,000. Where a debt over £1,001 becomes/is contested or disputed we reserve the right to increase our fees as a result of the additional work required to successfully recover the debt owed to you. Where a debt becomes or is disputed the fee will be agreed with you before any further work is undertaken.

A debt recovery claim becomes contested or disputed when any of the following events occur:

  • The debtor makes contact with us to dispute the debt.
  • The debtor raises substantial enquiries which are not resolved easily through negotiations (we will advise you at this point if this is the case).
  • Solicitors are instructed on behalf of the debtor to correspond with us.

This list is not exhaustive.

We work closely with local Solicitors to offer a comprehensive debt recovery service. Where necessary or appropriate we may recommend that your debt be passed to a local solicitor. The claim may then be charged at an agreed hourly rate, depending on the value and complexity of the dispute. We will advise you as soon as possible as to the likely costs, whether these costs are likely to be recoverable from the debtor and whether it is viable to proceed further so that you can make an informed decision.

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