Collecting Invoices – an essential part of your business

Many of our clients see collecting invoices as crucial to their business operations whether it be using preventative measures, or just practical changes to their credit control procedures. Customers that pay on time allow your business to operate efficiently – should late payments begin to impact your business, then it could be your business survival at stake.

Collecting invoices in these economic times is certainly a tough task, but the risks of non-payment can be mitigated with a few simple procedures in your business.

1) Awareness – send your customers monthly statements which will speed up collecting invoices as many business customers will “only” pay on statements

2) Clarity – include all company details on your Invoices, and ways to pay. They need to know where to send a cheque to, if they can pay by phone, or your bank details to send a BACS

3) Customer service – try not to think of collecting invoices as a bad thing. Calling your customers to make sure they are happy with the service can be followed with a “check on your invoice” to make sure there are no problems with it (remember this is not chasing, you are making sure they are happy – see the difference?)

There are many ways collecting invoices can be effected by your actions and we urge all our clients and business-owners to follow strict procedures for collection of debts. There has to be consistency and fairness to your customers and our results speak for themselves.

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