Clear And Unbiased Facts About The Biggest Debt collection Agencies Without All The Hype

The Biggest Debt Collection Agencies

In your business, all you want is success.  You want to keep growing, and receive services that are of a high standard, just as you would provide to your customers.  So when it comes to debt collection, you might want to compare some of the biggest debt collection agencies and see how they rate.

But they are not all the same.  In fact the biggest debt collection agencies aren’t always the best ones to use for your business.  We always find that a tailored service with a passion and knowledge about your industry is the best way to achieve results for you and your business.

Here’s some pointers about the biggest debt collection agencies:

  • Size – does it matter? The biggest debt collection agencies deal with customers on a corporate level and will prioritise debt by size. Think about this as an SME as you may want to be handled with care and attention like a real person, as oppose to another number.
  • Passion – many smaller agencies are passionate about their work, as they form a real long-term relationship with the customer. The biggest debt collection agencies are often manned by hourly-paid workers with little passion for work and often change jobs very quickly so there is no continuity of service
  • Personalisation – a debt that is owed to you is a very personal thing. No-one likes it, and it feels like an insult.  The biggest debt collection agencies may not understand this and can treat you without the personal connection.
  • Fees – some of the biggest debt collection agencies can lure you in with very low no win no fee arrangements, only to realise that their real aim is to bring the matter to court so that more fees can be gained, without actually much attention to collecting the debt. Often they will send 1 letter, and request it goes to court.  This will rarely get you a successful result!

So there you have it, a few points to consider if you are looking at the biggest debt collection agencies.

If you need help collecting debts, we are a small family-run business with a big passion for helping our clients and always collecting their debt with the clients best will at heart.  Call us on 01332 565 350 or email for more information.

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