Business Loans

Business Loans – Is Finance a good option for your business?

The timing of cashflow can be all important in making or breaking a business and, for company cashflow solutions, the main question on business-owners’ lips are: “Can Business Loans solve our cashflow worries?

As a business owner considering Business Loans, you always have to have one eye on whether or not you have a shortfall of funds – the old adage ‘sales is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality’ certainly comes to mind! If you have a shortfall, it is known as a cashflow gap, and this can cause concern for Company Directors.

Business Loans

Would a business loan suit your business?

A cashflow gap can widen around the end of the month, especially when wages need to be paid, whilst invoices issued to debtors from the same period may not be paid into the business for 30, 60 or even 90 days.

A cashflow gap could also increase due to:

  • Suppliers tightening credit terms
  • Customers going bankrupt
  • Insufficient bank facilities available
  • Poor credit control
  • Not forecasting ahead

So, as long as your business is offering credit terms, the potential for a cashflow gap to appear will always be there. But there are ways to plug a cashflow gap, and at this point you may be considering Business Loans

Business Loans are one way that can help ensure a fluid cashflow within your business.

We can help your business grow in difficult times!

Being backed by one of the largest and most trustworthy financial establishments in the country for Business Loans Solutions and Business Finance, our affiliated business partners have cash ready to lend to SMEs up and down the country.

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