The Collecting Commercial Debt Habit That Could Save you £1,000s

For this month’s main article, we thought we would try something different.  We asked a question on LinkedIn.  When considering collecting commercial debt, what is the number 1 excuse you hear for people not paying on time?  The results were surprising in some aspects (the fact that 2,388 read the poll, and were clearly interested

The Truth is You Are Not the Only Person Concerned About Reputable Collection Agencies

Whatever business you are in, credit control is never the most enjoyable part of your week. Money collection is inevitable, but it can be frustrating, confronting, and distasteful, especially when valued clients have fallen behind in their payments for whatever reason. Sometimes, your in-house efforts to collect overdue payments can become a significant drain on

Improve settlement rate success with IVR and Agent Assisted Payments

Since the COVID-19 crisis unfolded last year nearly all business sectors have been grappling with economic uncertainty. Today, more than ever, cashflow plays a critical role in business survival. Rob Crutchington, Managing Director at Payment Service Provider,  Encoded, discusses how choosing the right payment solutions can both improve settlement rates and customer service. Cashflow is

Succeed With Credit Control Tips In 24 Hours Or Your Money Back

Okay, that’s a bit of a misleading headline we admit, but you get our point.  Our infograph shows just how simple effective credit control tips are if you follow a process, making no win no fee debt collection for your business an integral part of your processes. Credit Control Tips Your credit control team should

How To Collect A Debt From A Customer

There’s Never Been A More Important Time Know How To Collect A Debt From A Customer If you are wondering how to collect a debt from a customer (and let’s face it all business owners should sit up and take note of this as we start getting into 2021), we have put together a simple

Are You Worried About Debt Collection During a Pandemic?

Cash flow and business debt collectors have always played an important part in the profitable running of a business, but never more so than now.  We are getting a number of calls from clients asking whether they should be using business debt collectors to pursue debtors on their behalf, in the current climate.  Our short

3 Mistakes Most People Make When Collecting Debt From A Business

As we step into a hopeful new year 2021, we know that collecting debt from a business should be a top priority.  When a crisis hits, cash in the bank is the most important thing for a business to consider.   For this reason, particularly in the coming months of lockdown, you need to laser-focus your

The Ugly Truth About Debt Collection Agency Fees

When we decided to write an article about debt collection agency fees, we had to think about it carefully.  After all, most agencies are similar in pricing and service, you would expect.  The act of instructing an agency to collect your debt is a simple process and should be an uncomplicated job to undertake.  However

[INFOGRAPH] How To Recover A Debt From A Company

A quick guide to help you learn how to recover a debt from a company Many of our clients ask us what is the most effective method of recovering a debt from a company. And our answer is always the same. There is no silver bullet. There are a series of steps that need to