Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Debt Collecting

In these tough times for businesses, debt collecting should be the priority for business owners.  Keeping a sharp eye on which sales are being paid-for is a critical part of knowing how to keep a company in business.  A sale isn’t a sale until the money is in the bank. With that in mind, we

3 Facts You Need to Know About Typical Collection Agency Fees

With recent unprecedented times putting businesses around the world severely at risk, typical collection agency fees might not be the first thing a company should look at when they are struggling to keep their doors open for business.  But when looking at collecting payment of invoices from late payers, collection agency fees can actually be

Take The Stress Out Of No Win No Fee Debt Collection

This year has been more than challenging for UK businesses with the evolving COVID situation and No Win No Fee Debt collection is becoming more important than it has ever been.  As a b2b collection agency, we feel it is our duty to help businesses from all industries collect debts quickly.  Despite the governments attempts

How To Collect A Debt From A Business

An age old question, and never more important with cashflow at the top of every business’s agenda. As we tentatively come out of a lengthy lockdown period, businesses need to prioritise cash. Its a simple short term plan, but one that will help you survive. It’s clear there has never been a time like this

Do You Struggle With Debt Recovery for Small Business?

When you first send out an invoice to a customer, the last thing on your mind is debt recovery and what you will do to collect it.  In fact, as a small business, debt recovery is probably the most important thing you should consider, and can often be the difference between a long and successful

UK businesses not feeling good about invoice collection, new research shows

According to a recent trade credit report from Credit Insurer Atradius, UK companies saw an increase in invoice collection last year (61%), up from 54% in 2018. Despite the apparent improvement in invoice collection, it still remained that 35% of invoices produced by UK businesses were outstanding beyond payment terms. And the outlook appears to

Are debt collector companies all the same?

As we approach Christmas and New Year 2020, more and more business owners will be searching for debt collector companies. More often in a bid to collect as many payments as possible, particularly before the *long Winter break. *believe me for some businesses the Winter break is a long time! So its important that you

How To Hire A Collection Agency To Collect A Debt [VIDEO]

How to hire a collection agency to collect a debt – in 3 simple steps! If you are wondering how to hire a collection agency to collect a debt, check out our testimonials. Or to make contact, please email or call on 01332 565 350 to see how we can help you improve your

[INFOGRAPHIC] Late payment excuses and what you can do about them!

These are just some the excuses we hear every day, but don't accept them! There is always something you can do. If you need help collecting debts, just call us on 0800 069 8777 or email for more information Testimonials Late Payment Calculator