Taurus Collections Background

When you want someone to recover overdue debts why not come to a specialist?

Taurus Collections specialises in the recovery of overdue business accounts, rental arrears, disputed debts and pre-legal and legal debts.

Debt recovery is what we excel in and by focusing on our clients requirements we have developed client friendly software allowing 24/7 access to monitor and manage their debts.

Taurus Collections can help you collect your debts fast, saving you time, money and hassle.

Years of debt collection experience

Here at Taurus Collections in The East Midlands, we have years of experience supporting clients from all UK industry sectors. Our goal is to collect monies owed to you, and where possible, retain a good working relationship with your customer. We have had a lot of practice dealing with disputed debt and can often successfully mediate between parties to resolve the situation, creating an amicable resolution.