A Debt Collection Agent Increases Cashflow

A debt collection agent should always be firm but fair when collecting unpaid invoices for clients, we should know! With a systematic approach to recovering money, our client’s are finding the benefit of having a debt collection agent on-hand. They can can then handle any issues that arise which can impact cashlow.

Here’s a great example of how we helped a cleaning company get
back on track:

We recently acted as a debt collection agent for a client’s sales ledger and within 3 months, we had collected £100K of +60 day debts. The healthier-looking ledger, being consistently managed by our in-house team and kept at manageable sustainable level, allowed our client to concentrate on new sales and not worry about old items being paid. They were comfortable in the knowledge that cash would be consistently flowing into their business – with our expert help as a debt collection agent.

Its clear to see how a company can improve its cash position with such a professional approach, and collect debts quickly!

Top Tips From A Debt Collection

Too often companies are coming to us for help when it’s far too late. You should always examine your sales ledger and aged debt reports every month. This will ensure none of your customers are in the +60 day bracket as this can impact your cash position. 

If a debt goes beyond 60 days without reason, or dispute raised, please do seek the help of a debt collection agency to discuss your options.  It’s often more affordable than you think!

Don’t leave it too late

If you need help collecting debts, or want to chat to a debt collection agent, call us 01332 565 350.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements on a no-obligation basis. Email enquiries@tauruscollections.com, or visit our testimonials to see how we have helped others!