Working with clients who require overseas debt collection, we have managed to develop a successful strategy for dealing with late payers who are based in a foreign country.

Overseas debt collection is by no means easy, but you can utilise this 5 step-plan for helping you and your business collect any debts outside of the UK jurisdiction:

  • Exhaust all means in-house: if you are collecting debts overseas, you need to be sure you have pushed the debtor as far as possible in-house before looking at other options.  Chase by phone, email, and even letter (yes, you can send letters overseas!)
  • Add all costs & interest: just because they are based overseas doesn’t mean the debtor can’t abide by your Terms, or terms set in the UK, and so you should add late Payment Compensation and Interest on top of the debt.
  • Be firm, then follow-through: don’t just threaten debtor when looking at overseas debt collection, you need to have a credible threat so that means when you say you are going to pass the matter to a lawyer, or 3rd party debt collection agency, you must do that otherwise they will think you don’t stick to your word and that you are a push-over and will never pay you.
  • Engage the experts: the world of overseas debt collection is a complicated field, with different laws and local business rules for each country and region, so its best to hand the dealings over to an expert agency specialising in-country collections, or a lawyer in that country.
  • Work on No Win No Fee: never pay a company when outsourcing in relation to overseas debt collection. The professional agencies will always handle the matter on a success-only basis so you can pass the matter risk-free and without expense.  Costs can always be added on top.

Overseas debt collection

So, now you have a 5-step plan if you are ever faced with the need for overseas debt collection in your company.

The no.1 rule is to act fast, because the longer a debt is uncollected the more difficult it is to collect

It is our passion that you are paid and our clients are very happy with our services.  If you are struggling to collect debt in a foreign country and want to speak to us for a chat to see if we can help you out, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01332 565 350 or email