Many businesses we come across are successful in their industry, but despite this success in achieving fantastic sales figures, they often fail to realise that only once a customer has paid is the sale worth anything to the business. This is where a good collection agency can help your business out.

A good collection agency

A good collection agency will always take time to learn about your business and develop a system that satisfies you (and the customer) by making sure your sales are paid.

We have put together a 5 point list that your business will benefit from by using a good collection agency:

  1. Time-saving: the amount of time your staff are spending chasing accounts, when they could be focusing on better paying customers, or their actual job. A lot of the time we find businesses are not utilising their staff skills in the right areas.
  2. Cost-saving: Besides savings on staff costs, or time of the owner, debt charges are recoverable by law, together with Late Payment Charges and Statutory Interest at 8.5% and a good collection agency should always aim to get their clients back to a No Cost situation
  3. Streamlining processes: with a process system in place, your accounts department can easily implement a referral procedure of aged items. Once an account hits 60 days overdue, for example, then this is an unacceptable delay and the account should be referred to a 3rd party for collection.
  4. Credit checking: clients of a good collection agency can request discounted credit reports on potential customers, so the collection agency works with the company for a more risk-protected business.
  5. Legal: should the last resort be necessary, many collection agencies work with the regions top solicitors to handle all matters if they go beyond the pre-legal collection stage.

So you can see how a good collection agency can help your business and support the accounting function to keep you on top of your late-payers.

Remember business survival is based on getting paid, and once that supply of cash is delayed for even just a few months you may not be able to pay your own bills and that is when problems arise. Working with a good collection agency will help maintain your business survival!

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