10 Questions Answered About International Credit Reports

International Credit Reports

Are the reports global?

Yes, we provide business and credit information on companies anywhere in the world, currently covering 214 countries.


Is it cheap?

Prices starting from as little as £18 per report for an online report, and £33 for a fully comprehensive international credit report


Are they complicated to understand?

No, they are presented in an extremely easy to read format, clearly laid out.


How fast can I get a report?

Turnaround time can often be as quick as a few days, more specifically 4 days for an express report, 6 days for a normal report.


How detailed are the reports?

Very.  We research legal information including ownership, public records and insolvency checks. Information on business operations, financial figures, technical information and industry analysis to give you a complete picture.


What exactly is in the comprehensive reports?

Typically a report would contain:

Incorporation Details, Registered /Business address, Line of Business / Activity, History of Business, Details of Director(s) /Principal Officer(s), Number of Employees, Banking details, Structure/Share Holding / Full Description of Business Operation /Locations / Trading Terms / References / Litigation Search / Financials that generally contain Abridged Balance Sheet and P/L Account /Scientifically evaluated Credit Rating / Limit / Country outlook etc.


How many years’ experience do you have?

With our partners, we have been helping companies trade across the globe for more than 20 years.


Are you members of any international bodies?

Together with our partners, we are represented in all leading industry associations globally that helps us to remain updated of the changing global scenario.


Who do you normally provide international credit reports for?

Clients include major Banks, Credit Insurers, Embassies and Consulates, Accounting & Legal Firms and a wide range of Multinational companies.


Can I just order online?

Yes, we provide you access to our database and you can enjoy the convenience of ordering online.  For more detailed reports though, we undertake a fresh investigation so these are built from the ground up.


Can I see a sample report before I buy?

Yes, contact us info@tauruscollecions.com and request a FREE sample report to try before you buy

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